Incorrect audio config showing in metadata

On Apple TV with the very latest infuse 6, some of my movie audio metadata are incorrect in the preview window.

Where it would typically say AAC 5.1, some are saying AAC 2.0

When i play the movie and check the audio, it says 5.1…there is no 2ch track to confuse it either.

Any suggestions? I am going through my collection to weed out the poor audio movies and replace them…this is making it much more work.

This does not affect every movie.

Thanks in advance.

You may want to pick one of the movies you are seeing the 2.0 in the description and the 5.1 in the playing screen and run that through mediainfo and post the full results here. That may shed some light.

thanks for the tip.

just bought the app and looked at the details - media info agrees there are 5.1 channels as i am indeed experiencing during playback…it is just the summary that is getting it wrong.

screenshot attached.

Screenshot 2020-05-13 at 18.09.32

i think this is a bug?

Is there only one audio track?

according to infuse and media info, yes.

Was this video updated or replaced at some point in the past?

Infuse will cache specs for videos, and will not recheck them automatically. If you are replacing videos with different versions, you can use the Edit option on the updated title to have Infuse refresh the cached specs.

PERFECT!!! That has fixed it! Thank you…the support in this forum is awesome!

Do you recommend deleting the cache and rescanning to catch any that i have been updating? Or is there another way to force it to look up the correct data rather than a 1by1 basis?

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Great! :smiley:

You can use the Clear All Metadata option to have Infuse update everything at once. Maybe not a bad idea if you have a lot of files that have changed.

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