DTS HD sound track identified as PCM

I have an ISO file that has two DTS HD MA sound tracks. Both are identified as PCM and both are not decoded properly (i.e., sound is silent).

Any ideas?

Are you by any chance running tvOS beta 12? If so, try turning off Atmos.

If you’re running tvOS 11 release then check and make sure you have the ATV set for “Best Quality Available” and you have Infuse set to “Auto”.

ios12 latest public beta.

Atmos is off, audio is set to Auto.

the issue seems to be specific to a particular ISO file for a movie. I just checked another ISO file (UHD BD) that has both TrueHD and DTS HD MASTER and that one works fine.

If the question is whether that file has a problem - I checked with another streamer and that one works fine using the same file.