audio codec shown at the library

What audio codec is shown at the library?
What is the trigger if I have a movie with more than one audio track?

I have a movie with #1 local language in DTS and #2 English in TrueHD. The library is showing TrueHD, but I would like to see DTS there, as my local language is the default.

Infuse will always display the best audio track in the file specs, but you can change which audio track is played by default by adjusting the Audio language option found in Infuse > Settings.

By default, Infuse is set to Auto and will play the audio track that matches the language of your Apple TV.

Thanks for your answer.

If I start the movie, Infuse is playing the correct audio track (#1). That’s not the problem. But I expected the library is showing what I get. The library shows the English TrueHD 7.1 track, but refering to the settings the movie is played in DTS 5.1

I think it would be better, if the library will show the best audio track matching to language configured at the settings. Or the audio track marked as default in the file specs. And not the best audio track over the complete file, which I will not hear later.
What do you think? Possible for a future update?


Thanks for the suggestion - we’ll see if there’s anything we can do. :slight_smile: