Relocate File Source Info to bottom on Apple TV

@james can we please have this info relocated to the bottom, where the filename, codec, and audio type are located? I find it too intrusive to the clean look here and it’s not telling me anything I care to see on the main info section.

Pleeeaaase! :grinning:


I’d rather have it as an option.

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Moved this to suggestions.

I agree, it would make more sense on the bottom with the file name and other info.

@james can I please get an insight into how requests are reviewed?

Will this require more likes to be considered?

Is there an amount of time to allow before asking for a review to be considered?

Not really sure how the system works, but my assumption is that this is a minor code change.

@james, any chance you can consider this request due to how small it is. It’s in a horrible place and would be much better located in the same palce the filename is displayed (i.e. the very bottom).

I’d rather have a “no” from you than it just fading into the dark withouth knowing if you’ve even seen this…