Sucessfully Downgraded from 5.2.1

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Well after mistakenly upgrading two apple tv’s to 5.2.1 and thinking I was stuck with a tethered jailbreak I decided to try something.  I have SeasonPass 0.8.8 and right clicked on create ISPW and was given a few different options.  I had never backed up the firmware so I thought it wouldn’t work.  Before the upgrade my one machine was on 4.4.  I selected 4.4 from the list and it went through the install and then opened Itunes and restored the 4.4 file.  After finishing I connected the machine to my TV and it was back to 4.4 and I am now no longer tethered.  If you are stuck at 5.2.1 and you have an older version of SeasonPass give this a try and you may have luck like I did.  I know this is my first post but I wanted to pass along my success.  Hope this helps someone.

That will only have worked because at some point in the past you had jailbroken that ATV2 to 4.4 (or used the backup feature of ATV flash). However it does no harm to try as you may have saved blobs you are not aware of as long as one does not get frustrated if it does not work.

I was actually trying this because I was at my last resort.  Honestly I have never backed up these machines.  I picked them up from a friend to update and went to 5.2.1 by mistake.  I have downloaded the 4.4 software before for another machine but not for these.  I was actually kicking myself for not saving the blobs before I did the upgrade.  I have one more I am going to try and hopefully it is successful.

The signature (SHSH blob) is saved on a remote server. Someone before you used ATV Flash and saved it and that’s why you’re now able to use seasonpass to JB with an older version. There is no magic, it’s clear and simple, no blob = no install.

Far as I knew there is only a tethered jailbreak available for 4.4 I have one ATV2 stuck on 4.4 - I have tiried Snowbreeze but it isn’t imterested…

4.4 is only tethered. My mistake. I left out a 4. I am on 4.4.4. I was successful with three today. These machines never used Atv flash or had Blobs saved. I actually used the same file to downgrade all three. Seasonpass downloaded the 4.4.4 file and i used Itunes to restore the file to all three.


hi can you please upload that version of seas0npass 0.8.8 here, I would like to test downgrade one of my friend tethered Atv thanks.





Yes, please post!  Very curious about this …

I will see if i can find the zip file for that version. I have tested it with the newest version of seasonpass and it also worked. Just right click on the “create” button in seasonpass and choose from the list. Click on the version you want and it will try. If you get an error message try one of the other firmware versions until it works. I have been able to use 4.4.4 and 5.0.
Good luck.



seasonpass always says “sorry…this device is not supported”


so what do i wrong?

Are you sure you have an ATV2 and not the newer ATV3?



seasonpass 0.8.8  might just be for MAC only… I couldn’t find one for windows. Here’s a lin:

Hello to everyone,

I know it sounds amazing but it worked for me as well. My ATV was accidentally updated to 5.2.1 and I was unable to downgrade except a tethered version 5.2.1. I have followed the method suggested by “Beginners Luck” and it worked. Thanks to the “beginner” B-)

I am sure that I didnt have shsh blobs (never used tinyumbrella, maybe seas0npass saved SHSH blobs by default ?). My method was the following

Mac Book Pro updated to the latest version 10.8.3 , itunes 11.0.2, season pass 0.9.0 (680).

create IPSW 4.4.4 tested on TV and worked. Then I tested 5.2 and worked like a charm. Install aTV Flash it works perfectly.


Wow!  This is pretty exciting if it is indeed true.  I have two units that are 5.2.1 and have never had the blobs saved.  I’ll be testing them this afternoon with this technique and will report back with my findings …

Glad it worked for you. When it worked for me i was shocked because i was reading there was no way to downgrade. I am not saying this will work for everyone but if you are on 5.2.1 there is nothing to lose. You can always go back to the tethered jailbreak if it doesnt work.

iTunes dont Install the ipsw… I’ve tried more them 10 Times from iOS 4.1 to 4.2.1 Help.
Seasonspass will say restorong in iTunes. please weit whole Script is Running.
After that nothing is Happening… After 20 min. I tried with alt and Click to choose the ipsw, iTunes will extract, After it Says that is Not compatible with the ATV…

Well, I’m not having the good luck others in this thread are having.  When I control-click on Create IPSW and choose 4.4.4 I get the error ‘This Apple TV is not eligible for this version.’  That said, I can create an IPSW for other versions like 4.2.  However, once the IPSW is created and iTunes is launched to install it, I get the iTunes error ‘The Apple TV “Apple TV” could not be restored.  This device isn’t eligible for the requested build’.  I assume this is because Apple is not signing this version anymore?  

For those that had success with this approach … did you switch over to iTunes and install without any issue?

For me the process was automatic. Meaning that once you create the ipsw, Seasonpass takes the process and does everything for you. Of course iTunes was running. 

When the Apple TV was in 5.2.1 and I wanted to downgrade it did not work (not eligible, could not be restored). I had first do jailbreak in 5.2.1 tethered and then I tried what “beginners luck” described and it worked. In my case the trick was to first jailbreak the 5.2.1 and then downgrade. I am not at all familiar with the SHSH blobs (even if some guys pretend that we should have SHSH blobs) but then why it did not work when I wanted to downgrade from 5.2.1 original and then it worked suddenly from tethered 5.2.1 to untethered 4.4.4 to 5.2.1 untethered. That is really a mystery I admit. If some expert can bring some lights I would (and the community) appreciate.

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Have you ever jailbroken your device before?

Yes. And one of my question was “maybe seas0npass saved SHSH blobs by default ?”