Search Results in Infuse don’t match TMDB

So, I just started using Infuse yesterday. One problem is that I am unable to use the correct Metadata for some shows.

Eg “Brazil with Michael Palin”. A manual search using “Edit Metadata” on Infuse shows no results. However, the same search on TMDB shows the correct result. What am I doing wrong?

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For this particular case, infuse is looking for the filename to be in the format of a tv show:
TvShowName (year) S01E01.m4v

Now there are several formats they could work and depends on your folder structure. If you have a matching structure, try removing the “E” from the front or adding “S01” before it.

The year is optional but often helps with the matching process and I recommend adding to your file names.

You can check out more details in this link


Thanks. So it means that even when doing a manual search using “edit metadata”, it considers the file name?

It does, it looks for the SxxExx to determine whether to search the TV database or the lack of to search the Movies.

The format I’ve found most reliable is the SxxExx after the series name (and possibly the year). This has been the most consistent in finding the right data without having to do manual edits.


Thanks. Can you please suggest what’s wrong with this naming? The series name is in the folder name so I guess doesn’t need to be in the file name again. There are no seasons, so it just starts with Exx.

Never mind. Prepending the file names with an S01 solved all issues. Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

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When there’s just one season it will be S01Exx and this is also true for miniseries which I think this one is. If you name your files like this it should all work without a hassle.


Yep, it worked. Basically, in your screenshot, some things are redundant.

You don’t need the series name in the file name if the files are in a folder with the series name already.

You don’t need the season number in the file name if the files are in a folder with the season numbers already.

You’ll find that you will need these at times and if you follow this example you’ll have little to no problems with mismatched items.

Having followed this for years and it being the first example in the Infuse users guide a bit of redundancy isn’t a bad thing.


Thanks, you’re right. Already ran across issues. Using the recommended file name now. Long renames ahead


Quick question. How do I integrate the episode name in the file name? Or is it recommended to remove the episode name and use only the season and episode numbers? An example would be helpful.

You can add just about anything you want after the SxxExx in the file name.

Brazil with Michael Palin 2012 S01E01 Out of Africa 4K DV English.mkv

Just don’t end up with 2 sets of the SxxExx info in the same file name like this.

Brazil with Michael Palin 2012 S01E01 Out of Africa S01E01 4K DV English.mkv

It will cause problems for fetching metadata and drive ya nuts until you realize you have done it. Don’t ask how I know. :wink:


macOS has a handy rename utility built into finder that helps speed things up if you can do that there.

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Thanks. All my files are on Mega and on MacOS, using Megasync, I can’t seem to be able to sync the files without downloading the full contents. I am using the iPhone files app which is still easier than the Mega iOS app.

Thanks for all the help here. I added the show/season/episode names in all the file names and it all organised itself well.

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