Allow Edit Metadata to search both TV and Movies regardless of file name

When you search metadata for a file you can’t specify to search through tv shows or movies. Seems to be only movies.
So please add possible to force to TV Shows if in search field you have SxxExx?

How I found out this problem:
I downloaded a file and came as Download.mp4, As it’s impossible to rename the file the metadata search only searched though Movies. Couldn’t find anyway to fire it search through Tv Shows.
(On iOS Infuse Pro)



Hi folks,
Recent I have encountered many shows that has no season number in the file/folder name. After some searching, they are all of single season in the form of “XXXX.E01.mkv”, some may also include the year it aired. The current manual correction system seems only allow me to search in “movie” titles for these file which makes it impossible to get the correct metadata. Is it possible to add an option for user to choose between TV and Movie in manual correction?

I know there are ways to bypass this problem such as renaming the file/folder, setting soft link to these files, etc. But they all require extra manual efforts on other system/software, Infuse has been so versatile, it could be more perfect if our demands can be satisfied within Infuse alone. Thanks!

Infuse is dependent on metadata from TMDB and the naming of tv series episodes in the (year, episode number) format is from TVDB.

Much content named that way (live sporting events, for example) are not indexable at TMDB at all; per TMDB rules. The rest must be renamed to season #, episode # format.

You can use Plex or an external media manager if you want access to TVDB metadata.

But with just Infuse, you’ll need to rename to match TMDB, as there doesn’t seem to be any intent to restore TVDB access to vanilla Infuse — though there is a suggestion thread to that effect.

Currently Infuse relies on file naming structure to delineate between TV shows and Movies. If a title doesn’t reference a season the it is taken as a movie. It’s really needed to help avoid searching both databases for a match and ending up taking much longer to find the metadata.

I’m guessing that changing this structure would be a major change for something that most users have already accepted as a standard naming conviction.

Hi NC_Bullseye,

Thanks for the clarification. Actually I am not suggesting to change the default fetching strategy, in fact I am quite happy about it. What I mean is adding an option to let the user decide whether to search a file as a Movie or TV “just” in the manual correction section. IMO, this is a functional plus which provides more convenience to users, would this require a major change to the whole structure?

I encountered a similar problem as the links above, and I was able to successfully search for the content by modifying the file name.
However, if a search option is provided to support searching for TV show metadata without modifying the file names, it may bring a better experience.
In some cases, the file comes from the cloud and the filename cannot be easily modified.

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@unclerp and @FLskydiver and @Rayzggz

I moved your posts to a currently running suggestion (and clarified the thread title) for the same feature request.

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Hey there :slight_smile: Love infuse pro on my Apple TV!

Today I realized that Infuse, when requesting metadata from TMDB, automatically decides according to the file name whether it’s a movie or show.

Unless I want to rename my entire show collection (which aren’t in SxxEyy but just numbered), I’m out of options.

So it would be extremely helpful if the automatic detection could be overridden, or maybe just query TMDB for both types and offer all results, if that is easier.

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Can you post an example of how your TV series files are named?

In some cases you can write a simple regex to bulk rename them.

In other cases it may not matter because the program type may not be indexed at TMDB anyway.

This feature would be useful when using Infuse with Real Debrid, since renaming files directly isn’t an option, which can be frustrating. In my case i got two shows “Cunk on Earth” and “Cunk on Britain.” which TMDB recognizes as different seasons of the same show. Without the option to rename the files, the metadata gets mixed up. If this feature were available, it would allow for correct metadata without the need to download and manually rename the files.

It would be nice if I could associate ‘Cunk on Earth’ with Season 2 of the ‘Cunk on…’ series in Infuse without having to rename the files,given that TMDB recognizes ‘Cunk on Earth’ as the second season of the show.