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There’s an issue when I’m trying to manually edit metadata for a TV show that cannot be recognized by Infuse correctly. The problem is, that every episode of the series has been labeled as a movie in the backend. Thus, if I’m searching for the title, it will only show results in IMDB instead of TMDB. I hope that Infuse allows the user to manually change the hidden flag (either movie or TV) and add an option in “Edit metadata” to freely select the DB (IMDB, TMDB) it’s pulling the data from.


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Can you give a sample of how you have the files named? If you don’t have it in the format for TV shows it will only search in the movie part of TMDB.

All metadata comes from TMDB none from IMDB.

Thank you for the reply. The files are in a single folder with the names being 01.vob, 02.vob,…., 34.vob

VOB files for TV episodes are a little tricky. Essentially you have one playable ‘item’ which contains multiple episodes.

There isn’t really a good way to handle these in Infuse at the moment, but this is on our list to look into for a future update.

Hi James,

Thank you for the info. I understand VOB can sometimes be an old movie format. The issue occurs with other container formats as well.

Given it’s challenging to handle the categorization of such files automatically, Infuse has implemented the option to “Edit Metadata” which is very handy. Now, the only thing left is that there’s a hidden barrier between movies and TV that users themselves cannot cross. I’m wondering whether it’s possible to let us be able to search the metadata from the TV database while the file was being mislabeled as a movie.

Thanks and open to discussion

File names play a big part in how Infuse can use the API for TMDB. There’s a users guide that shows the naming structures that Infuse can use to fetch metadata here that shows what Infuse looks for when searching for TV shows.

The basic rule is it looks for the S0xE0x in the file name to search the tv series and without it Infuse will search movies.

I appreciate the desire to be able to search for either but I don’t know the workings behind the curtain for using the API so I don’t know if it’s even possible for now.

If you have a specific series that you are having problems with and it’s a more common file type like mkv or mp4 post the file name and we’ll see if we can help get it to fetch the correct metadata the first time. :wink:

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That’s a really helpful link. I renamed the files and now it’s recognized as TV series correctly.

Thank you for the help!


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