Help getting proper metadata for tvshow

Hello all,

I’m new to infuse (I have a pro subscription) and I’d like to ask for help to get some proper info/artwork displayed.
Is it normal that if I search the TVDB within Infuse I don’t find all the shows/movies that I see while browsing the tvdb website?
Example: I search on atv “segodon” i see nothing. While on TVDB: Segodon (TV Series 2018-2018) — The Movie Database (TMDb)

Also, is the xml metadata file only for movies or also for series?
Is there a way to set-up a series in only 1 place instead of modifying metadata (via edit button) in every episode?
In general, say hypothetically, I were to have this folder structure, would it be ok? How would I go about setting up correctly?

$ pwd
/2018 - Segodon
$ ls -l
Segodon EP01.mkv
Segodon EP02.mkv


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First you are saying tvdb but your link is from themoviedb which are to different sources. Infuse gets tv metadata from thetvdb and movie metadata from themoviedb.

You can find the recommended file naming format here Metadata 101 – Firecore along with suggested folder set ups.

Here’s a pic of the format I’ve found to work best at least for me. You really do need to have the season as part of the file name and it will help finding the right match.


Thanks a lot!!

Ok, so from Search - I do get a hit …so from both themoviedb and thetvdb we have it.
Why no hit from Infuse on my Atv? Even if i search for it? See below attachment.

Do I need the Season even if there is only 1 season?

Thanks a lot!


Yes, you do need the season.

You are right, I tried to copy one show and put S01 in the names and boom… I have it…
This is bad: I will have to rename a lot of stuffs… any workaround to this? Any way to get it working without either “S01” in the filename or a folder named “Season1” or similar?
Thanks a ton!

No real way around it that I know. I have had to do some changes myself and at least once it’s done you don’t have to go back.

If you are using a Mac there is a batch rename option in the finder that really makes things go pretty fast.

Thanks. Yes, renaming is doable but depends how many shows you have… in my case I have symlinks which I will have to redo and then rename again…

I wish there was a way to simply create 1 xml file inside a folder to tell infuse that this is a tvshow, for season 1, and treat it like this …
As of now it seems I should create xml files for each episode.

Hope people working for Infuse are reading and can take note!


I’m not sure that xml files for TV shows will work with the library function of Infuse. I’ve found it easier to do the work up front and let Infuse gather the metadata instead of messing with adding more files and graphics.

Good luck with which ever way you go!

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