Missing Metadata TV Series

Just added this TV series but Infuse doesn’t find it even when I do a manual search for the metadata. It does appear in TMDB website so not sure why Infuse can’t find it. Any suggestions?

Can you provide an example of how this particular video is named?

I don’t think it’s the naming. The issue is Infuse not showing the correct show when doing a MANUAL search. So if I select the file and then select Edit I can then do a manual search for the correct show. However when I type the show name into the search box, it doesn’t display the show in question but other results are shown. However when I do a search for the TV series direct on the TMDB website, the tv series is listed. I’m assuming that when doing a manual search for a movie or TV Show it doesn’t matter what the naming is as you’re searching manually for the correct show?

Well, yes and no.

Since Infuses uses 2 different databases (TMDb and TheTVDb) it will use the filename to first determine which database to search. In other words, if it recognizes a video as a TV show, it will search TheTVDb, but for everything else will search TMDb.

Thanks James, I wasn’t aware Infuse uses two databases. The TV Shows in question which aren’t being found are these:


I’ve also tried The-Office_S1.iso but again it’s not found. When doing a manual search the only Office episode Infuse finds is the Christmas Special. However searching on the TheTVDB for both the above TV Shows finds them without problem.
I’ve also checked the way the files are stored and I have them under folder ‘TV Shows’ and then a subfolder with the show name e.g. The Office UK (2001). Within the subfolder are the files themselves. As mentioned I’ve tried every conceivable naming convention but with no success.

Thanks for any help.

Have managed to sort this issue. I had to rename the files with BOTH a series number and episode number. By doing this Infuse was able to recognise them and correctly add the metadata. It won’t show each episode obviously as this isn’t currently supported but it’s much better than what I had.

Thanks for the help.


Yes, support for multi-episode files and multi-part video files are both in the works for an upcoming version.

Good to hear James. keep up the good work.

Just while I have your attention, is there a way to make Infuse recognise TV Show Specials which aren’t part of a season or series? Have a few of these and, as yet, haven’t been able to get Infuse to grab the metadata for them.

Yes, since specials are listed separately on TheTVDb you will want to use a season number of 00 along with the special episode number.

E.G. Lost.S00.E13.Final.Chapter.mp4


Fantastic, worked perfectly. I hadn’t realised you needed to use Season 00 in the name.

Thanks again James.

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