Restoring 5.0.2 onto ATV2 upgraded to 5.2.1

Is it possible to downgrade an ATV2 back to 5.0.2 after it has been upgraded to 5.2.1?  Can I use an older IPSW file and force it onto another ATV2?


I have two ATV2’s, one running 4.2.2 and one running 5.0.2.  I used Seas0nPass to restore the second ATV2 (one running 5.0.2) a few weeks ago when Apple was still signing 5.0.2.  It worked flawlessly and I still have the IPSW file saved locally.  I made the mistake of trying to upgrade my 4.2.2 ATV2 to 5.0.2 a few days ago, not realizing Apple stopped signing 5.0.2.  It didn’t restore properly and my ATV2 stopped working (flashing light, USB icon on screen).  I upgraded to 5.2.1 (big mistake).  Is there a way I can use the IPSW file I have locally from the first ATV2 and force it onto the second ATV2?  I didn’t save any blobs/shsh files for my ATV2.



Accidentally Upgrading to 5.2.1 is Tethered , you need to boot Tethered your ATV2.

If you dont have blobs saved its not possible & useless to use the locally saved IPSW of the 5.0.2 onto the 2nd Atv2 which was already on 5.2.1.  Probably itunes will return error 3194 device isn’t eligible for the requested build as apple no longer signed the  5.0.2