Cannot downgrade to 4.3 with "saved" firmware signature

Hello all, I’m struggling with trying to downgrade the firmware of my ATV 2 back to 4.3.  I’m recently bought a brand new ATV 2 with firmware version 4.3.  I searched for instruction and followed the instruction from  Unfortunately the instruction was dated and provided a link to the latest Seas0nPass sw so I used that instead of the version 0.9.3 (my fault for trusting obsolete info).  I was sure that when I click on “Create IPSW” button that it prompted me to save my firmware and I agreed to it.  It then downloaded the 5.3 IPSW and installed it on the ATV2.  At that point I knew I was in trouble as I’m stuck with a tethered jailbreak.  I did more reading and tried to downgrade to 4.3 but that option is no longer available in Seas0nPass.  I then downloaded Seas0nPass 0.9.3 and I was able to select “4.3 (3) 8F455”.  The restore process ran until the end when it ran into a critical error.  So my questions are 1) Did Seas0nPass really saved my firmware signature online somewhere (since I’m able to select 4.3 and started the downgrade process, and 2) Anyone has any ideas the critical errors Seas0nPass runs into when it does the downgrade process?

Thank you all for your help


Option 3. Get iFaith and check if it got saved.


No one one these boards other than you can answer if they got saved or not.

Answer 1: check saved blobs for your atv2 using tinyumbrella or ifaith , or wait till the next weekend for the latest jailbreak.
Answer 2: errors has numbers, so almost every number has a solution. For more downgrade info look here

Good luck!

Thank you ormanton and Capenter940.  iFaith did save the SHSH blob so I downloaded it locally.  However, when I used iFaith to “build signed ipsw w blobs”, I got another unhandled exception saying that “StartIndex cannot be less than zero”.  I guess my option now is to wait for the next jb, assuming it will allow me to use it untethered?

5.3 jb is out already:) week - another later 7.0.4 will be there:)