ATV2, possible to downgrade 5.3(6105) to 5.2?

I just JB my ATV2 using seas0npass tonight. Looking at the ATV Version thread,, looks like the last untethered version is 5.2. I am at 5.3 right now, is it possible to downgrade? I am guessing I need a 5.2 ipsw file, AppleTV2,1_5.2_10B144b_Restore.ipsw, which I found here, I haven’t saved anything before tonight. How do I downgrade? Thanks!

You also need a saved 5.2 signature (shsh blob) for your device. It does not sound like you have this so the downgrade will not be possible.

I have an ATV2 with the same version. 5.3 (6105)
The latest seasonpass reports this in the log:

DateTime: 07.08.2013 20:42:38 Message: Output received: mobiledevice_openpipes-

DateTime: 07.08.2013 20:42:38 Message: Output received: mobiledevice_connect OK

DateTime: 07.08.2013 20:42:38 Message: Output received: Checking the device type

DateTime: 07.08.2013 20:42:38 Message: Output received: check_context(5BCF4341)

DateTime: 07.08.2013 20:42:38 Message: Output received: check_context passed

DateTime: 07.08.2013 20:42:38 Message: Output received: Sorry device is not compatible with this jailbreak

DateTime: 07.08.2013 20:42:38 Message: Output received: Exiting libpois0n

DateTime: 07.08.2013 20:42:38 Message: Process: dfu.exe, args: l6 iBSS.k66ap.RELEASE.dfu iBEC.k66ap.RELEASE.dfu exited with non-zero code (-1)

DateTime: 07.08.2013 20:42:45 Message: clean up

DateTime: 07.08.2013 20:42:47 Message: Application Exit

DateTime: 07.08.2013 20:42:47 Message: clean up 

When will there be a seasonpass for the 5.3 (6105) version?


Since you read this forum, you obviously know that there IS a jailbreak for version 5.3.

Your issues are obviously beyond Seasonpass since they have supplied a working solution for the version you own.

Perhaps you should start from step 1 again since there is no reason you should be failing here.

Of course, if there is an issue with the Apple TV itself, the problem may beyond the help that can be provided on a support board.

I hope you can turn things around with a “restart” and enjoy your ATV.

Good luck to you.


Thanks for the reply.
I should have updated this post since I found the solution.
It was rather simple and rather stupid.
The guy who owned the apple tv said he bought it before march 2012 so I assumed it was a ATV2.
He was wrong…
Checked the modelnumber on the box and it turned out to be an ATV Genreation 3.
So…all for not :frowning:
Next time I’ll take no information for granted :slight_smile:

I also have installed 5.3 on my ATV2 after having problems, it was previously on 5.2 is there anyway I can revert to 5.2, I hope there is an answer to my problem?

There IS an answer… just hope its the one you’re hoping for.

If you have a PC, use iFaith to check for saved SHSH blobs.  It’s SIMPLE to use. If there are any saved blobs for your ATV, the versions for which signatures are saved will be listed.  If it says “NONE,” the answer to your question is: NO.

If you only own a MAC, right click on the 5.2 option and hope that an IPSW creation process begins.

If you receive the message that your ATV is “NOT ELIGIBLE,” I’m afraid you are stuck at 5.3.

Hope this is a lucky day for you.

Thanks, I will be giving it a try and hope it works, will keep you posted.

Fingers crossed :)