Problem with fetching metadata for tv series

I’m using infuse pro 6 (6.3.2) with tvOS 13.3.1.
Out of sudden, all my metadata for tv series are gone, so when i tried to fetch metadata manually it always shows can’t find metadata for the file (metadata for movies are fine though). My language setting for metadata is “auto” although my system language is korean and it caused no problems at all until now. Korean movies or tv series were shown with metadata in korean while english movies were shown in English, so i don’t think there’s a problem with language setting for fetching metadata. My file format is xxxx S01E01, so on.

Since few days ago, metadata showing tv series were gone and only showed file names.
Currently I"m using infuse pro reading files from NAS through local connection (SMB). When I checked whether metadata for tv series are gone as well on iOS, I used my iPhone to access NAS through local SMB (exactly same setting as tvOS).
Surprisingly, when I refreshed metadata for tv series in infuse pro on iOS, it successfully fetched metadata for tv series in both korean and english and
I turned on iCloud sync, so i expected since i fetched tv series metadata successfully on iOS, I should be able to see metadata on tvOS.
My next step was to run infuse pro on tvOS. I opened the folder that i just fetched metadata on iOS. I saw metadata successfully shown HOWEVER after 1 or 2 seconds, all metadata i just fetched were gone on its own and showed file names again.