Why Infuse keeps updating TV episodes metadata?

It has annoyed me in couple of recent versions for Apple TV, when entering TV episodes folders, it starts refreshing every episodes metadata: poster, description etc even these info are already downloaded/cached, especially after I change metadata language to Chinese/Japanese/Korean and go to tv episodes folders, Infuse will download new language metadata… when i change back to English, it will download English version.

No such issue on Movies.

Possibly related to this thread:

yes same here. to me when entering tv folder, infuse

  1. hides cached episodes covers
  2. starts re-downloading episodes metadata
  3. shows episodes covers.

that’s why we see episodes covers disappeared and come back later.

Not having the covers disapearing, but they certainly change as described above. The problem is as stated that metadata keeps being refreshed. So the trick of changing language and download metadata and then change language back doesn’t work anymore. I agree, it’s extremely frustrating. Can’t pinpoint when this happened but guessing 1 1/2-2 months back.

The latest version still keeps changing metadata language when infuse’s metadata language is changed.

  1. set infuse metadata language to english
  2. upload TV serials, download english metadata
  3. change infuse metadata language to chinese
  4. back to the same TV serials, metadata auto-changed to chinese…
  5. change infuse metadata language setting to english
  6. the same TV serials changed its metadata language again…

no such problem in Movies.

What type of device are you streaming from?

Are you using UPnP or DLNA by chance?

From NAS via NFS

We’ve implemented an updated image cache in recent updates, so Infuse will systematically update the artwork and other info for your items while browsing.

This should only happen once per movie/series, so if you see it continue please let us know.

It is still happening in latest version. changed infuse metadata language, auto-refreshed TV series metadata.

I think this is my issue. Is there a way to see what is updating? Every time I start infuse it’s “Fetching artwork for server name here ( of 234)” to the same amount of files every time. 234

Are you by chance connected via DLNA or UPnP?

Also, have you let it do a complete update where it shows a Last Undated date on the library screen?

SMB share.

And yes. I also deleted all metadata and rebuild a bit back when art was messed up. For weeks now, every time I start up infuse I get the same message with same number of files. Unless I’ve added new files, in which case it adds them and then goes back to updates 234 files.

Is it only fetching artwork or is it getting everything else each time? It almost sounds like a TV series with that many episodes is hosed up on TVDB and not sending the artwork. After it completes the scan have you looked through your library and checked for missing artwork?

Ant hope to get this fixed? latest version still has this issue.

Can you send in a report if this happens again, and post the code you receive here?

Apple TV: Infuse > Settings > Submit Diagnostics
iOS: Infuse > Settings > Email Us

Happened again, I submitted diagnostics: KR8WS

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Sorry. I’ve been away. So I think I figured it out. Not sure if this is something that needs to be fixed (James?) or it’s whats supposed to happen. I figured out what folder has 234 files. Awhile ago Apple had a great deal on the Friends boxset. I had downloaded it and dropped it in my TV folder as a backup in case it ever leaves itunes. I don’t know what changed (Because I had bought the series quite awhile ago), it only started happening long after I had bought the series and put it in my TV folder and Infuse never had a problem. I ended up dropping a .nomedia file in the folder and it’s no longer happening.

Quick update.

We have tracked down and resolved this issue, and will have a fix available soon in the 6.4.6 update.

v6.4.6 (3127) resolved the issue. Thanks!

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