Metadata fetching issue 4.0.1

Following today’s update to Infuse Pro v4.0.1, many of the titles in my library have suddenly lost their auto-magically fetched metadata. While absolutely nothing has changed with my files, all having previously fetched metadata perfectly without need for manual editing, now I’m seeing that either nothing shows up (requires manual editing within Infuse) or in rare cases the incorrect metadata is fetched. It seems to have become stricter in what it accepts too. For example, the “&” symbol cannot be substituted with “and”.
Has anybody else suddenly started experiencing these issues? I’ve tried clearing all metadata and refetching, but no luck. I’m now going to attempt a complete reinstall of the app…

By the way, I’m otherwise so damn happy with this update, metadata fetching is blazing fast now. On my connection it’s usually less than 3 seconds. In one case it was less than 15 seconds to fetch 31 seasons of one TV Show, with varying file formats. Just awesome. Can’t recommend Infuse enough.

I have the same issues. None of my metadata is being fetched automatically. However when i click into the folder series, the metadata gets updated. Not wanting to do this for all my tv shows, i wonder if anyone else has a solution to this problem.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks Khalil

Not a bug, this is normal and how it works right now. They’re going to add a deep scan feature eventually so you don’t need to click into every folder before metadata is loaded.