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Since yesterday I do not see the metadata but only for TV series. That worked well forever until my Apple TV removes the metadata automatically for lack of space. I reinstalled the app, recreates the share folder but nothing makes it. I have the same problem on the iphone .
Other people had the same problem?

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Check out this tacked thread at the top of this forum Issues with TV show metadata fetching - Updated 1/11/20 :wink:

The TVDB problem continues :frowning:


I see topic right after. Sorry for that.
Thanks for your respond.

May I ask if Infuse can fatch TV data from also another source to make sure we are not dependent on only one source?

Just one syncing source is probably not the best solution.

Why not use trakt for example?

Ok - but I have switched to local metadata fetch (according guides, etc.) and it looks like Infuse not recognize them.

I’m not sure what you changed but you don’t have to change anything in Infuse settings to use local metadata files such as xml or nfo files that you add next to your video files. If you switched on “use embedded metadata” that tells infuse to not look for any external metadata such as over the internet or external nfo/xml or artwork and use only the metadata that is hard coded in the video file itself.

When you have fetching metadata on Infuse will choose the xml/nfo files first and if there are none it will look to the internet to find it.

This is how I understand it anyway.

Currently no, Infuse is set to fetch from thetvdb and themoviedb. I believe there are a few suggestion threads for using other sources in the Suggestions forum but for now it’s pretty much those two or create your own locally.

This is the first time I’ve seen the source be out this long and I know it’s being addressed by Firecore so I’m just going to wait it out. It is still a weekend and tough to get people working on issues like this.

Of course. Maybe I was not clear.
I use Tiny Media manager to manage my library, so I have correct local metadata and xml files for each movie or TV series. PLEX or Kodi 17+ forced to use local metadata recognize them without any issues with movies, collections and series. As well Infuse has ability to use local metadata if you force it to look for local metadata in folders. After disappearing of external database source it should recognize them. With movies this method works well, even with collections. With series Infuse also fetching local metadata but it does not classify series as “TV series” but as “others”.

I don’t think you can get TV shows into the TV category in the Library using xml files.

Link you attached denies access so I can not get what you mean.

Hey guys ! is back in action and the metadata for TV shows is being picked up normally. Its business as usual :slight_smile:

Just be forewarned, it’s showing some glitches in grabbing the correct info the first time. I’ve been watching what it pulls and it seems they are still working out a few bugs in the transition to the new structure of their database.

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