Metadata fetching, something has changed.

Hi all!
A new behaviour has come up and it’s extremely frustrating.
I have my metadata language set to automatic and my native language is Swedish.
This has always worked fine before except for some weird behaviour with movies that has the same beginning of the title.
But now suddenly many of my tv-shows has had their episode description changed to Swedish although there is no episode description in Swedish.
This happens whenever there is a description for the entire series in Swedish. Infuse then uses this for every episode.
I have tried to change language to English and rescan the metadata for the series and all is good.
The English episode descriptions reappear. All is fine for a while then suddenly they have changed back to Swedish.
So there is two problems the one with the Swedish Series description being applied to every episode and the automatic metadata change from English to Swedish.
Can’t really tell exactly when this happened but it must have been the last couple of months.

I wish there was a possibility to choose language and art when updating metadata. I’m currently struggling with some of the same problems as you, and I’m using Norwegian.

Also, I’m having problems with manually overriding metadata when using custom art in folders, even though I followed the guide on the support page to a spot. The strange thing is that it’s not happening to all shows, just some of them.

In the TvOS-version it’d be nice if a long press on the show/movie could bring up a menu letting you override/delete/change language of metadata. A bit like it’s possible to edit artwork for icons.

Well the Artwork lives it’s own life. Sometime it download Entire Series cover and sometimes it doesn’t.
It even happens that the season folder won’t download, but they usually work.
For me it has always worked to place folder.jpg in folder that won’t update. Then you have to manualy force a resync of the metadata.
Seems a bit random at times.

I have no idea of what may be going on but you may want to check thetvdb and themoviedb on the specific shows or movies you are having issues with. They may not have the language you have selected or it may not be available for all episodes since it’s a community supported source.

Also, don’t forget that thetvdb just underwent a major overhaul of their database and it’s quite possible that there are lingering glitches. Either way, check their sites to see if what you want is even available.

Really appreciate you take the time, I don’t think you really understand the issue I’m having.
There is no metadata in Swedish for the specific episodes. There is however metadata for the show as a whole.
And when there isn’t any metadata in Swedish Infuse or maybe the API returns the generic Show information. I guess that if there was no show information in Swedish there would be no trouble.
In the past if there was no metadata for a specific episode in Swedish it would return the English version. This could naturally be either an TVDB API issue or Infuse issue.
That infuse rescans the folders it already has metadata for must on the other hand be an Infuse issue.