Issue with metadata download (tv shows only)?

Hi all,

I’m a longtime user of infuse and I just bought the v6 pro version. and I’m experiencing an issue regarding tv shows:

  • episodes and seasons are identified but not grouped
  • infuse stalls and retrieve no metadata for tv shows only
  • if I’m doing manual update on v6, infuse freeze and on v5 it says infuse didn’t find any information on current tv shows like “seal team”
  • my files are labeled as follow : “Tv Show Name” SxxEyy

I’ve updated all my iOS devices on iOS 12.4 at the same time. So I wondered if there is a known issue with iOS 12.4 / infuse 6 current version?

I saw in a post earlier that certain services are down, especially tvmtdt and opensubtitles (see link below)

Many thanks in advance for the support!

It does appear that tvdb is having problems so that very well could be the problem. Give them a day or so to see if they can get it cleaned up and running again.