problem Kingston

Hello all

I have created succesfully A patchstick no errors during the proces.
When i unplug the Apple tv en put my flashdrive in he won’t boot from it
It’s an Kingston 1GB drive so mayby there are allot of flashdrives that won’t work.
I’m not to happy with this because there is nothing in a tuturial witch flashdrives to use
So what i do to get this thing working.

I’m from Holland mayby there some forum members from Holland to help me out

I’m using leopard 10.5.3 on a MacbookPro

Hi snowman,
I’m living in The Netherlands too.
I have the same problem with an 512MB IBM key.
I will try with other mem keys to check which one is compatible with the aTV.

I read in the forum that should contact support by mail to have a faster reply.