ATV is not booting with flash card

I just download yesterday the file for MAC and prepare the flash memory as is described on the manual, I got the successful message but when I plug in the memory in the apple TV it is not doing anything, apple TV start as usual without any message. I tried 3 times with same result, what can be the reason of it?, The flash memory was formatted on the MAC with option ´erase´ MAC OS general.

Sounds like it may be an incompatible flash drive. Do you have an alternate drive you can use?

I have the same problem , I got a flash drive from aTv, but nothing geting downloaded to apple tv.I can see the light on flash drive is turning on. Anybody can help?


New ATV user.

Followed the instructions and get the same problem - my appleTV won’t boot from the patchstick.

Looking at the patchstick structure in terminal tells me that the partition has the wrong type - it’s still a standard Mac OS partition rather than one the appleTV will recognise.

This is what I get:

start size index contents
0 1 PMBR
1 1 Pri GPT header
2 32 Pri GPT table
34 6
40 3833784 1 GPT part - 48465300-0000-11AA-AA11-00306543ECAC
3833824 262177

Is there a reason that aTV Flash isn’t changing the partition type?


What size/type is the flash drive are you using?

SanDisk Cruzer 2GB

Does the flash drive have any U3 software installed? This can cause a conflict during the installation.

A tool for removing the U3 software can be downloaded here: