Cannot get Apple TV to recognize usb disk


I have a problem in that it seems the Apple TV does not recognize my USB drive after having gone through the installation problems without any glitches.
When the USB drive is popped into the Apple TV, the unit just boots like normal and it would seem that it cannot find the drive.

I have tried reformatting the drive several times, as well as downloaded the image file (temp.dmg) several times. None to any avail.
I use Windows and the drive is a 1gigabyte. After the installation process I can see that about 250MB of that is utilized. Should it not be more? Maybe this is the basis of the errors, since I would assume that both temp.dmg as well as atvflashbase.bin should be moved to the drive?

It is quite frustrating, especially since good money was paid for this software. Am really looking forward for some help here.


I am having the exact same problems.
Just downloaded ATV Flash today, but my Apple TV just boots as normal, I have followed the installation instructions 100%

I am running Windows Vista and Apple TV 3.0.1

I have tried with a Kingston Datatraveler 2.0 4GB and a noname 2GB flash drive

Please help or refund my money

Gustav Jensen

Initially ran into the same problem, had to go through 3 sticks which did not work. Then found an forth old noname one with some 250MB which ultimately worked. Obviously the ATV is very selective, just keep trying.