NEWbee. problem with install

Please help.

I’m trying to install the lastest patch and I made my patchstick on a ScanDisk 2GB… when I put it into my Apple TV it just sits there and does not do anything. Also I took the USB stick out and tried to reboot the apple tv by itself and it does not reboot. I have tried it a couple of times and it does not reboot.

Please help. I’m pretty sure I made my patch stick correctly. I’m up in arms and I"m thinking of return the Apple TV.


Does your Sandisk drive have U3 software installed on it? If so, this should be removed prior to installation.

More info here:

Thanks for the tip.

I made sure that the patchstick does not have the U3 file on it and remade a brand new patchstick and then tried it again. it still does not boot up. It sits there and blink yellow and looks like it does nothing. The patchstick is also blinking. I have left it to run for about 10 minutes still the same outcome. If I take the stick out and let the apple tv just boot up it will go to a white light but there is nothing on the screen.

I don’t know if I missed something up with the boot up process or what… but the apple tv does NOT want to boot up by itself.


Hmm, it sounds like your video cable may have come loose. I would check the connections on the AppleTV and the TV itself, and try again.

Thanks for the help it was indeed the connection. It should have been the first thing I checked again thanks for the help