O.k., so I purchased ATVFlash last week and have spent 3 plus days trying to get it onto my Apple TV UNSUCCESSFULLY! I have followed all the instructions to a T and have used four different USB flash drive and the Apple TV just reboots as normal. What’s going on?!??!?!?!?!

First I used a 8GB Kingston USB Flash drive, nothing. Then I noticed the post about larger USB flash drives not really working, so I switched to a 2GB Kingston Flash drive, still didn’t work. So I ran out to Staples and bought a SanDisk Cruzer Micro 2GB, STILL NOTHING! O.k. I borrowed my girlfriend’s 512MB Memorex TravelDrive (one of the RECOMMENDED drives) and removed the U3 from it and reformatted it SEVERAL TIMES to make sure it was clean, installed the ATVFlash on it, was excited because this one has to work right (after all, it was one of the RECOMMENDED drives). Powered down my Apple TV, stuck it in the USB slot, rebooted the Apple TV and guess what? The Apple TV started up as NORMAL, no ATVFlash logo, no scrolling text, NOTHING!!! What’s going on??? How is this possible … I have followed the installation instructions for creating the ATVFlash … everything was done from the disc image, nothing installed directly to my machine and still no luck!

So far I have made 3 attempts via e-mail to contact the tech department (as well as tried calling) and so far no word … what’s up guys?

I need some help here, PLEASE.

Try this, some people have had this problem.

Without any flash drives plugged in go to the Go menu option in Finder and choose Go To Folder…

Type in /Volumes/

You should see your hard drive and any other USB or FireWire drives that are connected. Are there any other folders there that shouldn’t be? I’ve heard that some people had a volume called Patchstick. If you do have a folder called Patchstick so something close to that, put it in the Trash. After putting it in the Trash then plug in a USB stick, format it, and retry the aTV Flash application. aTV relies on the fact that the USB drive is named a speciifc name and if that “Volume” name is already taken, OS X will add a “1” to the end of the USB stick when it is reformatted. Let me know if that is in fact the problem.

Thanks madcran,

However, all the volumes listed should be there (including the aTV Flash volume). What’s the name the patchstick should be? When I format the USB drive at 1st it is untitled, does the aTV Flash program create a name for this volume after it is finished?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is very frustrating and I am not about to buy more USB drives without knowing what the issue(s) are … the assumption that not all USB flash drives work and that I should just keep trying until I find one is not good enough. What is the issue why some USB drive will work and some won’t? And if that is a known issue then can’t we say “x” USB drives will NOT work and “y” USB drives will? For example if the U3 was the issue (and this is just an example) then couldn’t we say that all USB drives with U3 will not work and the others will?

Thank you for your help.

What is the Partition Map Scheme of the USB drives you are using? Just to be safe, I made sure my USB drive was GUID Partition Table. The way to change that if it is Master Boot Record (PC format) or Apple Partition Scheme (PPC OS X format) is to click on the USB stick in Disk Utility and click on Partition, change Volume Scheme to 1 Partition, click on Options and make sure GUID is selected. After that make sure Format: is Mac OS Extended and then click Apply. Let me know if that fixes it or not.

Thanks madcran,

I tried it, and that didn’t work. However, what I noticed (and what I think is the BIGGER problem) is that the USB port on the Apple TV was NOT sending any power to the USB flash drive or any other device connected to it (as I tried a USB light & a USB apple mouse). After doing so research on line I found out that the USB port on the Apple TV is, by default, not powered from the factory.

Why has Apple Core neglected to tell us (or at least me, as I could not find it anywhere on the site) that the USB port is not powered. Of course it won’t load the aTV Flash because it is NOT reading any data from the drive because, DAUH, the drive is NOT powered.

Now, how am I supposed to work around this? Now I have to hack the Apple TV (so that the USB drive gets power, as the is apparently done from the software level, not the hardware level) to install a program that is supposed to hack the Apple TV.

What the HELL!?!?!?!?!