"Please ensure no conflicting software is running and try again when Jailbreaking! ATV2 with 5.2.1 (6025) software


I’ve been a happy “ATV2 with XBMC” user for over a year now and I love it. I did however fall for the temptation to update to the latest Apple TV software so I could have Bluetooth support.

Ive been trying to re-jailbreake with no success. The guide and program I am using is at http://support.firecore.com/entries/387605

But my experience differs from the guide. I’m instantly told to plug in the Apple TV when i start the program. So I do, and this is what happens:

iTunes starts and tells me that the ATV is in “Apple TV Recovery Mode”

SeasOnPass does a bunch of things and after a couple of minutes while the status tells me that it is “Downloading firmware signatures” another window pops up in front of SeasOnpass with the following text:


Seas0nPass has detected critical error(s) and cannot continue.

Please ensure no conflicting software is running and try again.


I’ve really looked through the forums but I haven’t find someone with the exact same problem.

So, what should I do?


Some more info:

  1. The ATV is connected to my laptop with a micro usb cable

  2. The ATV hdmi and power cable is unplubbed

  3. My laptop is a Windows 8 64b

  4. I’ve tried the same on another laptop (also w8 64bits).


All help is greatly appreciated!

Has no-one any experience with this?

Unfortunately you have to find a Mac computer as the tethered JB works on the OSX system for now




Umm, completely wrong. Seas0npass is available for windows to do the tethered boot for 5.2.1.


Phew! Thanks dieselboyx. So do you have any idea what would be the conflicting software?

I’m not sure what the conflicting software is but I’d try:

Reboot PC.

Then plug apple tv into power.

Let it boot up until light doesn’t flash anymore.

Then plug in micro usb.

Then unplug power cord.

Then start Seas0npass. Right click on the left icon and select 5.2.1.

Let it perform the sequence.


Also, you should be able to downgrade because you were jailbroken previously.  It’s best to downlaod iFaith and try to dump your shsh blobs. The 5.2.1 jailbreak is tethered so you’ll have to run boot tethered in Seas0npass each time the atv loses power.