seas0npass for aTV 6.1.3

My aTV2 crashed and when I tunes recovered it is installed version 6.1.3 IOS  how do I jailbreak this one as the 5.2.1 jailbreak does not appear to work

more info  while I-tunes reports the aTV 2 as 6.1.3  the aTV 2 Settings/ General/ About reports it as 5.2.1 (6045)  but after I run the seas0npass for 5.2.1 and it reboots i get the apple sign then the screen goes blank and the light continues to flash.  I have left it for ten minutes and no change, multiple reboots and always the same.

Also installed the seas0npass three times, go no errors but it still won’t work.  any help would be greatly appreciated.

Did you follow the proper “Tethered Boot” method?

This confused me too. Once you jailbreak 5.2.1 (including the tetherboot)… you cannot power off the apple tv 2. Once you do, you have to tetherboot it again.


From what people have told me, the current jailbreak for 5.2.1 is not persistant across power off situations like older jailbreaks.



My guess is that at an early point in its boot process, right after plumbing its network interface, that apple tv needs to communicate with Apple, and “get permission” to continue its boot (ie start up applications).


I wonder if with the latest firmware v5.2.1,  Apple tracks firmware versions of all the apple tv’s activated, and can deny approval to boot up, if the firmware is jailbroken .

Just a guess, but it wouldn’t surprise me of Apple is gaining more control over these to force people to use itunes for movies (and pay $$).

I hope this challenge just gets the coders behind seasonspass more momentum :slight_smile:

if indeed the Jail break requires a tethered boot every time then it is useless. as the latest version of XBMC  Frodo which has more bug than sudbury on a spring day

please FireCore get us a seas0npass Jailbreak that doesn’t need a tethered boot every time.

Why are you people posting this garbage? You obviously do not understand that the 5.2.1 is a last resort to have a jailbroken ATV 2 for anyone without saved blobs… its available to use and the tethered jailbreak works. read instructions. If it doesn’t work, then you did something wrong. that light flashing and black screen means the tethered boot didn’t work, try again.

doc.396 originally asked a question and got a response, have some common sense.

Sorry to sound like a prick but post after post after post, is excessive.


This is a forum, people had some issues… and some questions. Which is what a forum is for. If you don’t like it, then don’t come here.


This coming from someone who is confused about a tethered process… ok ear muffs everyone, What I meant to say, is read more. There is so much content here to educate you on everything. People on this forum do a great job explaining, so give them respect and read it… Thanks Michelle…

zop1080: You are unrealistic… and here us why

 1) The recent jailbreak to 5.2.1 has a fundamental difference than previous jailbreaks in that it is not persistent after a power off or complete reboot. That difference was not obvious to everyone, and many thought the tethering process was just part of a "one time" jailbreak just like all the other seasonspass versions.

 2) Jailbreaking is done on many apple devices by some who are not all familiar with technology or the terms that may be used despite reading the instructions and documentation (don’t assume all this is understood by everyone by reading).

 3) I am sure that the owners of firecore have benefited  from sales to many technically illiterate customers. Thanks to the smart and innovative people at Firecore, the jailbreaking and installation of firecore has been extreme easy (thank you firecore!). If customers cannot understand the latest seasonspass, they could give up Appletv2. Firecore then potentially loses customers and the revenue from them.

 4) Btw.. I want to say that seasonspass and Firecore has changed  the way I watch tv and movies and was one of the best products I’ve ever purchased.

For those who are not tech savvy, do continue to post questions as there are many who will help you if they know the answer. 

to all please to understand. While I may be computer proficient in many aspects. With respect to aTV 2 jailbreaks, I am new at this and do have a lot to learn, so please bare with me.  If I am in the wrong forum, please point me to the correct one.  If I am OK here a couple of questions.

  1.  If I locate and load an older IPSW version from Apple to my a TV2 can I then use a previous version of season pass ?

  2.  I am not familiar with “Blobs”, where can I learn them & or other options for saving a working  aTV 2 configuration to hopefully avoiding all these issues.

  3. The problem with Tethered boots for me is that as XBMC locks up regularly and living in the country power is fluctuating. Rebooting of the  aTV 2 is a common thing and I don’t have a computer close to the unit.  So I am looking for options to get around the tethered boot issue.


I am very pleased with the Fire Core apps and have recommended they to many friends, but I still need a little help.

Thanks  Doc

  1. Since Apple does not sign the firmware anymore, You must find and locate an IPSW that is signed on YOUR DEVICE. Each firmware signature is native to that device. Therefore, if you have a signed IPSW you may use that to upload through Snowbreeze/iReb.

  2. an SHSH Blob is a file generated which a program (I use TinyUmbrella or iFaith) will extract from your Apple TV so that you may build an IPSW you download from the internet fresh (Not jailbroken). and that way you may always, no matter what, restore your Apple TV to a jailbroken state. Also if you save an SHSH Blob from a 5.1, you can only revert back to that iOS version (ie. You can’t use a 5.1 Blob on 5.2 IPSW)

  3. I am in the country too, and its a drag having power go out. Luckily, if you have a laptop, Tetherbooting is really easy and quick so I feel your pain DOC. Assuming that’s your only option for a jailbreak, let’s hope Firecore is working on it.

Well said and thanks for the posting.