Pause video plus skip forward

I noticed that on tvOS if I pause a video then skip forward the player automatically starts playback again at the end of the skip. It is mostly annoying when trying to manually skip through a commercial on a recorded show as I would prefer it just require me to hit play again instead of the video automatically playing back.

Is this normal behavior or something that can be implemented? I notice it doesn’t operate this way on iOS. It operates the way I am looking for.

What version number of Infuse and what tvOS version? and what model Apple TV?

Infuse Pro 7.7 (4567), tvOS 17.0 (21J354), Model: Apple TV 4K (3rd generation).

Even though I am on the testflight, I have noticed this behavior in the stable version as well.

If you let your finger rest on the right arrow on the remote until you see the circle appear on the progress line it will skip and not resume. The only way I could get it skip and resume was to click as soon as my finger touched the arrow wheel and even then it was not consistent.

When pausing just a second before clicking I could click as many times forward or back without it restarting.


It took me a few minutes to figure out how to replicate what you’re describing. I realized that you must have the remote setting for click and touch and that you’re using the Apple TV remote.

I am using the Harmony hub companion remote, so that function isn’t available.

However, I did grab my Apple TV remote and checked the settings - I have it set for Click only because the touch setting causes me to screw up every time I pick up that remote. So, I changed the settings for click and touch and I totally see what you’re talking about and I can get it to work that way.

So, it appears that using a remote without the touch capability or setting the Apple TV remote to click only causes what I described above.

In the native Plex app and Emby app the behavior is different. Even with the setting as click only or the companion remote if you pause and then skip forward one click it stays paused until you hit play or select again.