ATV fast-forward/rewind issue

Thank you, FireCore, for providing a better user experience with Infuse. I have noticed an issue while watching content, where using the touch-sensitive Siri Remote does not result in a 10-second fast-forward or rewind effect (similar to the native functionality provided by Apple tvOS, where a single tap accomplishes a 10-second skip). Instead, it skips a significant portion, which greatly affects the viewing experience. As a result, I have to manually use the timeline to navigate, although this method does not offer precise control. I would like to know if this issue has been recognized as a persistent bug and when it is expected to be resolved. My Apple TV model is Apple TV 4K (A1842), Siri Remote model is A1962, tvOS version is tvOS 16.4.1, and I am using Infuse 7 Pro version 7.5.4.

Tapping the left or right edge of the remote will skip a chapter, even if you double tap it does the same thing, probably doesn’t register the second tap in that instance.

I saw something a while back in the suggestions section, I think if you turn off Chapter Controls in settings then tapping the edge of the remote will skip or rewind 10 seconds. If you want both features im not sure you can have them both, could be a limitation of the remote or my knowledge.

You’re right about the manual seek, those remotes are kinda lame sometimes, sometimes the content will go backwards when I am moving it forwards!

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Thank you for your response. I have checked the settings in Infuse and it turns out that I had the chapter control enabled. I went back and tested it on the playback page, and the issue has been resolved. It seems that it wasn’t a bug, but rather a setting that I unintentionally enabled.


No problem. Glad I could help!

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