Support new Apple TV (2021) remote

Just wanted to point out that trying to scrub by rotating a finger around the ring of the new 2021 remote doesn’t work either - the playhead just goes back and forth if you do that.


We will see fixes for new remote in a couple versions:
7.0.4 (in progress)

  • Improvements for 2021 Apple TV remote (tvOS)
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current infuse version 7.0.2, clicking on the (outer) ring left or right only displays a message “<10 Sec” or “>10 Sec” but does not skip forward. You have to press the middle button to pause the video and swipe left or right to scroll through the video

Do I miss something? It works perfectly on the “old” 4 K Apple TV, the new one has this issue.


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I moved your post to a currently running thread addressing this issue in the suggestions forum.

It shows as “In-Progress” so the developer is looking into this but don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in this thread to show your support for this suggestion! :wink:


I have infuse 7 with the brand new Siri remote (the silver one)

Seems that infuse won’t allow to skip forward or back 10 secs anymore. Anytime I click forward or back I get the scroll function but now the skip 10 seconds. Netflix works fine.

My chapters control is at off.

Anyone else?

Today’s 7.0.3 update has a few fixes.

More coming soon. :slight_smile:

Hi James

Just updated to 7.0.3 and sadly it didn’t fix it :frowning:

Any other ideas?

Can you double-check to ensure you are running 7.0.3 by scrolling to the bottom of Infuse > Settings?

In order to skip 10 seconds backward or forward, I need to keep my finger on the left or right of the wheel for about 1 second, until the 10 seconds icon appears.

I’ve confirmed it already. I’m running 7.0.3.

If I leave my finger on the wheel it behaves like a “seek” function and moves as long I press it.

I’ve tried all combination. Netflix works perfectly fine. Just one click and 10 seconds back or forward.

Thanks for looking into this.

New Apple TV 4K installed Friday and updated today to TvOS 14.6 with Infuse 7 updated to 7.0.3. I have chapter skip turned ‘ON’ in settings but when I press the outside of the remote it shows the next chapter on the Tv but pushing the remote does not trigger the movie to advance to the next chapter. All my other Apple TV’s (1st gen Apple 4K, Apple HD (both with old style remote)) work flawlessly. I just have trouble with the new Apple TV 4K remote.

Is there a setting I’m missing?


no improvement to the skipping 10 sec functionality in normal video files (over SMB) in 7.0.3 - it simply does nothing when pressing the buttons (except showing it would do it)

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The new Apple TV has a cool scrub wheel in the new remote. Infuse player currently does not support it. Please add support for it. Thanks!


I moved your post to a suggestion for this feature that is already running.

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I can confirm what @Roda said that skipping 10s works only if you rest your finger for a second on the left/right side button of the wheel (until the skip-symbol appears) and then press the button. But you can get the 10s skip to work properly (such that there’s no need to rest the finger on the button) by going to Apple TV Settings > Remotes and Devices > Clickpad, and set it to Click Only. The problem with this is that then you can’t swipe though.

I also confirm that on 7.0.3 in order to skip 10 seconds backward or forward, you need to keep a finger on the left or right of the wheel for about 1 second, until the 10 seconds icon appears. It is not convenient at all especially if you try to backward 1 min :slight_smile: Would be great to have 10 sec. backward/forward just by clicking the outer ring left/right buttons like it is done in other players/streaming apps.

Is that how it is done on the Apple TV app? Apple hasn’t updated their human interface guidelines yet for the new remote.

Yes, that’s how the 2021 Siri Remote works when watching Apple TV+ shows in the Apple TV app - pressing a left/right wheel button immediately skips 10s back/forward. You only need to rest your finger on the wheel ring if you want to scrub by rotating your finger around the wheel (although I don’t think that’s any more accurate a method than the regular left/right swipe).

version 7.0.4 did not fix the problem skipping 10 seconds back and forth - how hard can it be - it is VERY ANNOYING!

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7.0.4 didn’t list fixes for the new remote but 7.0.5 does so a fix may be coming in 7.0.5