On tvOS 17, has anyone else noticed the rewind behavior changing when using the remote?

If you try press “back 10 seconds” twice on the physical controller to go back 20 seconds or 30 seconds by pressing it a third time, it jumps into rewind all of the sudden. I did double and triple clicked all the time on tvOS 16 but after I updated, this kept happening.

Now, it seems if you time it just right you can get it to go back multiple “10 second” intervals but double / triple clicking that button to rewind thirty seconds (or longer) instantly no longer works.

Which is a bummer; I was curious if anyone else noticed this same thing after updating?

After a few weeks of being frustrated by this I decided to look at the forums and yes I have this and its super annoying.

Something in iOS 17 has changed the behaviour for both ff and rw, I cannot skip by 10 seconds and without the intro skip functionality this becomes a real pain.

I will look for another article like this because we cannot be the only ones to notice!

I can’t seem to replicate this here with tvOS 17.1 and Infuse 7.6.3. Using edge taps to skip in 10s chunks can be done as many times as I can click.

Clicking and holding ff/rw will trigger the traditional ff/rw behavior, so maybe the physical remote button itself is sticking after a few clicks?

After a bunch of testing, I’ve personally found that Infuse thinks it’s being held down unless you space the clicks one second apart (longer than you think when you want to get to 60 seconds).

This only occurs when tvOS 17 is connected to the HomePod speaker. And it only happens within Infuse likely because the built-in player accounts for the lag in sending commands due to HomePod audio syncing.

I will also say sometimes if the WiFi is working really good on any given day, sometimes I can still stack the inputs. So it’s about HomePod use and WiFi quality. That’s what I’ve pinned this problem down to at least.

Infuse just needs to really check if the button is being held down. Or have an option to disable “hold down for auto fast-forward / rewind” since I don’t know anyone who uses fast forward or rewind instead of just scrubbing with the track pad.

I’m also using the circle controller trackpad so the controller could also be a factor here.

I use that also and have zero problems stacking forward or backward clicks no matter how fast I click it. It sounds like what James said that it’s your remote having issues.

Wifi has nothing to do with the remote functioning nor the homepod.

This is incorrect for me as Infuse is the only app that has this problem. I can stack forward or rewind as many times as I want in every other streaming service I’ve tried.

Not for the remote, no. But for the HomePod it certainly does. tvOS has to sync the audio timing of the video stream with the audio stream very carefully when playing with a HomePod. This creates a “lag” or delay in commands sent to tvOS from the controller.

The problem with Infuse is while tvOS is calculating / lagging / delaying for sake of the HomePod audio, Infuse stops checking for controller input. When the delay is over, it starts checking again but if I keep hitting the back button, Infuse will see that as being held because it doesn’t buffer inputs during the “syncing HomePod audio with video” moments.

I hope that makes sense, I’ve tested this a lot. And it depends on my WiFi because that “delay” becomes smaller the stronger my WiFi signal is. The smaller that delay is, the higher the chance Infuse sees the multiple button presses as separate presses instead of being held.

PS. Beyond all other apps being able to stack while connected to HomePod, I have two Apple TV 4K’s both with the circle controller. So I know it’s not the controller. Not to mention, this problem goes away when I disconnect Infuse from the HomePod, making it even less likely to be the controller.

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I have some more tests to try out with other controllers and how tvOS handles their “back/forward” inputs so I’ll report back when I do more testing on this.

I use a third-party remote (Logitech Harmony) and have experienced similar. Sometimes (but quite rarely) multiple quick left/right clicks are interpreted by Infuse as rw/ff (seek) which normally requires a long press.

In addition to left/right, the remote also has dedicated skip and seek buttons. The skip buttons work fine and multiple button presses are only read as skips. However, Infuse completely ignores the seek buttons. The Apple TV+ player on the other hand does recognise the dedicated seek buttons.