Extremely easy to accidentally seek with remote

I’ve been enjoying Infuse on tvOS. It has great performance, the visual design is good, but the one thing that is really annoying me is how sensitive the Siri Remote is to accidental touches. Lots of video apps have this problem, and while I realize it seems inherent to a touch remote, I think there is something to be done about it.

What about requiring the first “interruptive” tap to be a little longer, like half a second? Some sort of tweak to help ignore these accidental taps would be so much appreciated.

Good idea, though I’d prefer it to be an option that is disabled by default.
I agree the siri remote can be very touchy

Agree!! Happens a lot to me…also it’s very sensitive when scrolling forward (or backward for that matter)…moving like 30 seconds is virtually impossible. Some sort of change for this would be very welcome!


I hope apple is going to add a keylock feature in general.

Then use your Apple watch, IPhone or harmony as remote instead.

I checked into this and iOS 9 has a built-in accessibility feature called “touch accommodations” which include a “hold duration” option. Here’s a screenshot: https://goo.gl/photos/1PwW7KSKLHfLKhe2A

This wouldn’t be useful in all apps (especially games!), so even if this were added to tvOS it’s not a great solution. It would be great if Infuse could include something similar as an option. I recognize that feature creep is a real problem, and it’s not possible to make everyone happy, but it doesn’t make sense to have to put my remote somewhere out of reach. That’s the whole purpose of a remote :slight_smile:

With an Apple Watch or iPhone you cannot adjust subtitles delay. It can only be done through the real remote :frowning:

Totally agree, i would suggest to click and pause the video at first to be able fast forward/backward it. Sure, this feature could be optional.

That’s like asking for some special key lock for your standard tv-remote because you like to sit on it when you watch tv and you think it’s annoying that it sometimes switches channel … :slight_smile:

I do not clinch to the ATV remote when I watch a movie and therefor does not think this is a problem. If Firecore decides to adress this, please let it be an option. I like it the way it is.

I thought you were joking at first but it is true, the only setting that you cannot adjust is the subtitle time adjustment.
Cannot be anything else but an Infuse-bug.