Unable to skip forwards or backward

Each time I press the left or right side of my Apple TV remote to skip 10 seconds, the app seems to minimize itself to my apple tv home screen. I have to pause my video and slide along the timeline instead

Do you mean that if you hit skip forward or back the Infuse app quits and returns to the Apple home screen? If so you may want to restart the ATV. There was a very recent update to the tvOS and yours may have gotten a bit scrambled.

If the video you’re watching just quits back to the Infuse home screen it could be a few things, first you may want to check the Chapter Controls in the playback settings. If it’s on chapters and your videos aren’t using chapters it may just quit back to the home screen. If that’s set correctly then I’d say try force quitting Infuse and restarting it. With the multiple updates for both Infuse and tvOS it could be an install glitch.