Modify video aspect ratio

I have a video that has the wrong aspect ratio encoded (something that happens often enough), and I went to play it today, and selected the correct “2.35:1” in the aspect ratio options and it didn’t change how it’s displayed. None of the aspect ratios change how it’s displayed, and I verified this across Apple TV, iPad, and Mac.

I found this thread which suggests this behavior is working as intended, i.e. that the aspect ratio option isn’t supposed to do anything if “Zoom Mode” is set to “Normal”, i.e. not “Crop” or “Stretch”:

However, every other video player I’ve used has an aspect ratio setting that can be used on its own to override the aspect ratio embedded in a video file’s metadata.

In the end, I had to edit the file’s metadata using a command-line tool:

But this seems like a bug in Infuse to me. First of all, the interface allows you to select different aspect ratios without touching “Zoom Mode” at all. And second, other video players like VLC and IINA allow you to change the aspect ratio this way, which leads you to expect this behavior.

So I’m filing this bug report or feature request to implement aspect ratios when “Zoom Mode” is set to “Normal”. Conveniently, there is no change needed at all in the interface itself – just the video rendering to obey the option already selected in the interface.

Really hope this can be implemented – it’s a really essential part of a video player, and most people aren’t comfortable with the command line to implement a workaround the way I was able to.

Thank you!

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