Aspect Ratio wrong

I have some DVD Images. That are played with the wrong Aspect-Ratio.

There are 16:9 anamorphic. The will be played in 4:3 with stretched picture.
When i change the Aspect Ratio in 16:9 it not changes the Ratio ist just zooms in. It cut top and bottom but not change the Aspect Ratio. In fakt, non of the Aspekt Ratio Setting (in german: seitenverhältnis) actually changes the aspect ratio. It is just zooming in and out.

Same file on PC in VLC: also plays in 4:3 with stretched heads but i can change to the correct Aspect-Ratio. Even the name of the setting is the same in VLC but it doesn’t work right in infuse.

What i’m doing wrong?

I believe that the aspect ratio settings within infuse only adjust the zoom. So if the aspect ratio is encoded incorrectly you will need to correct it first. If the source material is incorrect I’m sure there is some utility that can correct it.

I think i found it.

Aspect Ratio tells infuse how the source is coded. And Zoom Mode tells infuse how do deal with it. So for a old anamorphic SD-DVD the Aspect setting is 4:3 and the Zoom setting would be cut (in german beschneiden). I had zoom active, and that will zoom.
So just a mistake on my part.

Thank you.


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