Content stretched

I have a few movies that are for some reason stretched in height. In VLC they are displayed in the right format, just Infuse (both ATV and iOS) has problems. Any idea?

Do you know the aspect ration they are supposed to appear in?

Are you using any of the video zoom options in Infuse?

I’m not using any zoom in infuse. The aspect ratio is different, some are 2.35:1 and appear 16:9, some are 16:9 and are actually cut off on the top and bottom. The files have only one thing in common as I now found out, they’re all NOT full HD. Nonetheless they play perfectly in iTunes and VLC.

I think you need to submit a sample.

Sounds kind of like anamorphic flags aren’t being read, so content isn’t being ‘squished’ to the appropriate ratio.

Here is a 30 second sample of one of the files:

VLC plays it in 2.35:1, Infuse stretches it to 16:9

Thanks, we’ll take a look.

Though, I’m curious, how were these videos created? The resolution is 960 x 540, which is actually a 16x9 format.

Hi ! I think I have the same problem.
I have a video that should be displayed in 4:3 (it does in VLC on my computer) but in Infuse on Apple TV, it’s fullscreen and I can’t change it to 4:3.