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I use the latest versions of Infuse on both iOS and Mac and I can’t get the aspect ratio settings to actually do anything to the video. I have videos that have been rendered in a 16:9 ratio but are stretched and actually show better in 4:3 (tested using VLC, IINA, etc.). When I try to change the video setting in Infuse to 4:3 (including combining with the different zoom settings) nothing visually seems to be happening to the video playing. Wondering if I am missing a setting or if this is a limitation of Infuse?

The Aspect Ratio options in Infuse work in conjunction with the Video Zoom option, and are designed to allow you to crop some of all of the black bars which may be embedded within a video.

For example, a 16x9 video which contains a 2.35:1 video with black bars around it can be cropped to provide full screen content by setting the Video Zoom option to Crop and the Aspect Ratio to 2.35:1.

It sounds like you may have a 4:3 video which wasn’t encoded properly and is appearing as 16x9 widescreen - is that right?

Unfortunately, the options available in Infuse won’t allow you to ‘squish’ a video like this back to 4:3 at this time. Sorry.

Yes, that is exactly my scenario. Thanks for confirming as I thought I might not have been doing something correctly.

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If you can’t source a corrected version of the file you should be able to reencode it with the correct aspect ratio using a tool like Handbrake.

After some research I was actually able to just update the metadata for the display aspect ratio and Infuse seems to read that perfectly. A lot quicker than re-encoding the files.

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Cool! Definitely that’s waaaay easier!!

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