Missing metadata in infuse pro 6

just found the metadata for a tv show called “legal high” could not be correctly linked in infuse pro 6

both tmdb (Legal High (TV Series 2012-2013) — The Movie Database (TMDb)) and tvdb (リーガル・ハイ - TheTVDB.com) have the show listed (and files were named as “Legal.High.S01E01.mkv” and etc)

pls guide

Have you tried the Edit Metadata function and see if it shows as an option?

for tv, no option at all. although most us tv shows get the metadata without any issue (but even for those which retrieved metadata correctly, if someone tried to edit the metadata, infuse would return sth like “no matched data”)

Disregard this/ see next post

Okay, I just got it to work. I restarted my ATV and when I went back into Infuse it found the metadata for Legal High by itself. Didn’t even have to do the edit metadata.

restart atv seems working. thx

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