Infuse Pro 6 getting metadata wrong, Infuse Pro 5 gets it right

I just upgraded from Infuse Pro 5 to Infuse Pro 6 and am having a weird problem with the metadata for one of my TV shows (Rifftrax). This happens on both my iPhone and iPad. Here’s what happens:

Infuse 6 Pro:

  1. I add the file Rifftrax.s01e312.mp4 to the Infuse 6 Pro app.
  2. It shows up under Other without any of the show artwork, but listed as S1 E312 with the correct episode title Bounty Tracker when you click on it.
  3. It appears to be getting the title and brief description from the embedded metadata. I confirmed this by editing the metadata locally before sending it to the phone and the added text appeared in the description. It should be noted that I have Metadata Fetching enabled and Embedded Metadata disabled in Settings / General.
  4. When I click on Edit Metadata, the listing for RiffTrax shows up (with a date of Jan 1, 1970), but clicking on it does nothing. It just spins for a few seconds, then reverts again to the

Infuse 5 Pro:

  1. I add the file Rifftrax.s01e312.mp4 to the Infuse 5 Pro app.
  2. It shows up under Other, then automatically goes and finds the artwork and metadata from and moves it over to TV Shows.
  3. Interesting extra data point: I went ahead and clicked on Edit Metadata to see what came up. It was the same “RiffTrax Jan 1, 1970” entry as above, which I then clicked on. It spun for a long time, then reverted the metadata to the embedded values and put it back in Other. I did it again and it restored the metadata to the correct values.

Does anyone know why Infuse 6 is struggling to get this particular metadata from Rifftrax has over 300 episodes in its main season, so I’m wondering if the timeout settings for metadata fetching from thetvdb have been set more aggressively in v6 than v5 on the assumption of a standard 10-13 episode season? Or is there something else I’m doing wrong?

Any suggestions are welcome, I love Infuse but hate having my shows in the Other category, so I’ll likely give up on v6 and go back to v5 if I can’t figure this out.