Which TV metadata does Infuse 6 still use?

I’ve been still using Infuse 6 Pro, not yet prepared to switch to a subscription. My question is, which metadata server will Infuse 6 be pulling from, still theTVdb? I just added a brand new TV show to my library and I used the TMDB metadata for naming the show using the year in the title, and it didn’t show up. Then I switched it to the TVDB naming, without the year in the title, and now all the episodes are appearing properly with good episode metadata.

The latest (and I believe the last) version of Infuse 6 Pro (6.7) will use TMDB for all metadata.

If you have a version prior to this then it may still be trying to pull from TVDB.

It could be the way you named the file if you had issues. Since you now have it working I’d not worry too much about it but if you want to give an example of what you had that didn’t work at first maybe we can see why.

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Ok it’s definitely TMDB metadata because the TMDB has no episode descriptions, but TVDB does, and whether I name the show with the year in it or not, it only has the TV show description but not episode descriptions.

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