Can't fetch metadata for TV Show with Infuse 6 Pro

HI everyone, I am located in China Mainland and as you know, some websites were blocked such as google facebook and so on. Unfortunately , the is one of them. I can fetch TV show and Movie metadata in Infuse Pro 5 correctly. But, something changed with Infuse Pro 6. Movie metadata is OK and TV show can’t be fetched anymore. So, my question is :

  1. Can I add .nfo or .xml files in the TV Show folder to manage the seasons and episodes ?
  2. Can I change the to imdb or any other website for fetching the metadata ?
  3. Or maybe the only solution is to use VPN on my Router?


Welcome to the forum!

TheTVDb is currently blocked in China, but we’re working on a solution for TV show metadata for users in China, and hope to have more news soon.

Update: This is now available.

Thank you very much for your quick reply!!! Waiting for your update…
Thanks again!

I am not even sure if this is a possible workaround but Plex uses a few different metadata agents. Running through Plex and then Infuse could be an option until Infuse have been able to rectify the issue.

Thanks a lot! I have tried but it seems that Plex can’t fetch TV Show metadata as same as Infuse 6 Pro.
OK, I have to wait the Infuse update version.
Thanks again.

Looks like the Infuse6 hv some changes on TV meta source…I can visit thetvdb site yet cannot get TV meta info by infuse, which works on previous Infuse.5 pro.

@James would you kindly share more detail about the TV meta souce? I’m guessing there is other site needed on lates SW build

The source for TV show metadata is but Infuse has used that source for quite a while and I don’t think there were any changes to how Infuse gets the data from them. One of the big changes in v6 was using a new API for subtitles but I don’t believe the TV data was altered.

i believe the souce site is still, my assumption is the new API will visit other site maybe, which is blocked by China nw…Anyhow i figured out a workaround on my wireless routwr to fetch META now…

I know that James has said in other threads that Firecore is working on solutions for countries where different sources for metadata are blocked by different countries. Nothing has changed yet but hopefully soon.

From your post above you made it sound like the update to Infuse caused you to loose the TV metadata, I didn’t understand that it was due to being a blocked source in your country. Sorry about that.

thanks for reponse. No lose METAdata thru upgrading, the issue is ATV cannot fetch new TV show metadata on V6…From my side setting ATV to always use agent is working now and TV metadata is complete. Just out of curiosity whats the root cause.

Thanks a lot for your hard working! It seems that the TV Show metadata fetch function is OK in China.

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