TV Database used or how to provide custom Metadata

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I was wondering what database Infuse (for Apple TV) uses to look up its metadata because a couple TV shows are not picked up entirely and when searching for them manually, they don’t show up.

The support pages mention TMDB in a place or two, but the shows that are not recognised in Infuse are on TMDB (when searching for the exact same term Infuse does not show it, their website does) so I assume it may be some other database?

If the used db does not carry the information for the show, is there any way to provide the info ‘manually’?

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movies are looked up on TMDB

Tv shows are looked up on


But still - the TV shows in question are listed on and when searching for identical words / terms on the site the shows show up… in Infuse they don’t - would anyone happen to know whether there are any issues with the Infuse built-in search that I might have to workaround somehow?


It might be the language setting. For example looking for Tessa only gives me tess & Scott, however tessa is available on thetvdb, but only in Dutch.

One example is ‘Last Week Tonight’… looking for that exact three words, same upper/lower case notation and same white space inbetween (one exactly) the three words… yields a correct result on the website, but 0 result(s) in Infuse. Entering the full title (‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’) doesn’t change that… Infuse always returns 0 results.

Could you please indicate what language you have set for metadata in the settings? Specifying English instead of auto might solve your issue.