Is Jailbreaking 4.0 Simply Impossible?

I know that this topic has been raised in a few threads, and suggestions have been offered to make it happen.  But I can’t seem to verify that anyone has actually been SUCCESSFUL in jailbreaking Version 4.0.  

I just acquired a 4.0 that is in mint condition – only opened to see what was inside by the recipient and by me to check the software version.

It’s frustrating that the Mac version of SP 9.3 lists 4.1 (8M89) as an option, only to find that it is useless and deems an ATV on that same version as “not eligbile for this version.”

I simply cannot turn this into another run-of-the-mill 5.3 and will hold out for a solution with this version – or a hoped-for untethered future version.

What are others doing with their 4.0’s?


I gave up after about three weeks and sold the two I had on at 5.3.

That’s disheartening… and I hate to do it.

You know your stuff so I’m sure you’ve tried everything suggested.

I’ve tried everything I know but still hope that a future version of SP might provide a solution.

I’m curious about the history of that 4.1 (8M89) option on Seasonpass?  Did it ever work on any version of SP? 

Is it just there to tease, frustrate, and ultimately antagonize us?

It would be great if James or someone else from Firecore would comment.  Firecore lists 8M89 as untethered… and SP 9.3 on the MAC has 8M89 as an option.  Why does this seem to have no bearing in reality?


Well, he didn’t comment when I asked the same question.  But I did get some smartass pointing out that SP is a free product and therefore one shouldn’t complain.

No doubt he’ll be back on in a bit.

I did manage to get one to work, the only thing was it would not retain the WiFi password any time it was rebooted. ATVFlash could not be loaded on it. I had to manually install XBMC via cmd line.


This was quite a while ago now and I cannot remember the exact procedure I followed, I know I had to patch signtures into the ipsw. 

It took a few hours playing around to get it loaded.

I have spent many more than a few hours trying to do this.  I commend you not to waste your time.