4.3 error when using seas0npass

Hello all,

I purchased a brand new atv2 that came stock with 4.3 (8F455) on it. I am happy that this is untethered so i wanted to keep this version. I sucessfully dumped my blobs just in case before starting to jailbreak. I am trying to jailbreak with not the most current season pass but the one before the newest one becase when i right click i still see the options for the 4.3 OS. seasonoass works but then encounters an error and i cant seem to et passed it. i have tried different machines and different cables. i am at a loss here any help would be greatly appreciated.[[wysiwyg_imageupload:426:]]

thiss is the message i repeatedly get.

Read the thread jailbreaking 4.4.4. It’s the same process
There is step you got yo do when creating the ipsw

Do you have that link by chance 


ok i found the post i think and read through it. my question is why can i not just right click using the seasonpass version for 4.4.4 and then select my current os of 4.3. will this not work?


Hi - do you perchance have that link? I couldn’t find it amongst the rubble here… 


Here is the Link: