Is there a current way to jailbreak atv 2 5.3?

Seems that seas0npass for Windows is dependent on an online server that is down ALOT. So my question… is there any way to work around this issue? I know some are having success with using a mac but mine is too old and wont run the more current versions of seasonpass that is untethered.

I did finally come up with a way to get something kind of working on my older macbook but I was never successful at completing the jailbreak. It basically involved using seas0npass 0.9.3 to create the custom IPSW and then I would use ireb to put device in dfu mode and then use itunes and manually select the custom ipsw. I did end up using an older version of itunes cant remember which one though cause I tried several. It would go though the entire process but at the very end of the restore it would error out. I felt I was very close to success but just couldnt get it figured out. Anyway, seems that the future is atv 4 so I guess that is where I am headed.