Error 1394 - This is driving me nuts!

I purchased aTV Flash today for ATV2 after successfully spending hours last week jailbreaking one of the Apple TV’s in our household and adding lots of repos.  I have another 4 to do so I thought it best to purchase aTV Flash as it said it was easier.

Well! Can get it to work? NO!

I get easily frustrated when things don’t go smoothly especially after spending money.

I have tried on PC and Mac.  PC is an absolute no-go.

Mac gets as far as creating IPSW and opening iTunes, entering DFU mode, and selecting the file it has created and then tells me that the device is not eligible for the requested build.

Can someone please explain to me what is going wrong?  Perhaps I need to do something entirely different.  I accidentally restored one of the ATV’s in the house to 5.0 so I guess I will have to wait to do that one in the future sometime.

I cannot understand why I found it relatively easy doing it manually and now I am struggling.  I know Seas0nPass is strictly nothing to do with aTV Flash but I cannot get my head around this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I found one forum post that said I could right click on Create IPSW and choose firmware.  I did this one time and chose an older version than 4.4.4 and it still created 4.4.4.  I’m bamboozled! Please help.


Jailbreaking has become dramatically more difficult in the last few days because Apple released the 5.0 firmware and stopped signing the 4.4.4 firmware. There is not currently a jailbreak for 5.0 firmware.

There have been a lot of posts today about a technique based on the iFaith tool where you can extract the required keys from the firmware already installed, and then jailbreak to that SAME VERSION of firmware. You need to look at following one of those or wait for a 5.0 jailbreak (for which we have not yet been given an ETA).

Thanks for the prompt response.

I did jb our bedroom atv first last Sunday so before the latest software was released. I suppose that’s why it was easy.

Should I ask for refund from Firecore? If they cannot crack 5.0 then I would have wasted my money. I did tweet them this afternoon but no-one said this would be an issue for me immediately.

Sorry for the confusion. 

A 5.0 compatible update is in the works, and will be available soon. The main obstacle at this point is not the jailbreak itself, but getting the core components updated so that 3rd party software can be used.

We’ll have more news as things progress, so keep an eye on our site or Twitter feed for updates.

Hi James


When you say!

Do you mean that the jailbreak should still work?  I was going to try and use the iFaith method this afternoon but I obviously have another problem if Seas0npass is supposed to still be able to jailbreak?  Is this the case?

When Seas0npass goes through its motions, as I understand it, it connects to iTunes, downloads the latest firmware file and then adds some customisation to that IPSW file.  Am I right so far?  And thereby hangs the problem.  It downloads Version 5.0.  Is it possible to force it to use another firmware file for the purposes of jailbreaking.

If I can prep the remaining Apple TV’s in the household, each can be updated really easily via aTV Flash remotely and everyone can continue to use their ATV in the house until the add-ons become available again.


Can I not simply plug in an Apple TV with a previous firmware on (not jailbroken), somehow save the blobs from it, jailbreak it and then clone the other Apple TV’s?