Infuse with Emby - Playlists, Newly Added Content, and more


I moved to Infuse from Plex only last week and I’m having a tough time trying to set it up to my needs. I’m linking Infuse to a couple of Emby libraries, one is local, and another is an offsite share. I’ve got Infuse running on Apple TVs in my home.

I’m having no luck being able to create a playlist that I can add content to that I would like to watch in future. When I go to add an item to a playlist, it asks me to create one, I give it a name, but it doesn’t create anything. Why?

I’ve also got a local Emby library that I add my own content to, but cannot work out how to see newly added content to this library on the main/Home Screen of Infuse.

If anyone could give me some pointers on the above issues, that would be appreciated. Also is there any help documentation on Infuse’s integration with Emby libraries that I could refer to which may answer a bunch of other questions I have?

As always, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Playlist management from Infuse is not currently available in Direct Mode, but this is on our list to add in an upcoming version. However, Infuse should be able to read existing playlists from the server.

If you enable Library Mode (in the Emby share’s settings) you can use Infuse to manage playlists from Emby.

More info on the differences between Direct and Library Mode can be found here.

Thanks for your reply. So with my setup is there any way to replicate the ‘watchlist’ functionality that Plex has? In other words, can I tag items that I want to watch later?

In the current version, if you enable Library Mode (under the advanced settings tab for the Emby share in Infuse) you can add and remove items from an Emby playlist from within Infuse.

I don’t believe Emby has a dedicated ‘Watchlist’ like Plex, but creating a custom playlist will get you pretty close to the same thing.

I had already enabled Library Mode when I first set up Infuse. I’ve created a new Playlist in Emby but I cannot see this Playlist in Infuse to add to it. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

After a bit more testing I’ve realised that I can see an Emby playlist that I set up on my local Emby server, but not one that I create on the remote shared Emby server I have access too. I assume this is another limitation of Infuse?

Are you using the same Emby user in Infuse and when logging into the Emby web UI?

Are you using Library Mode or Direct Mode for this server?

In Library Mode, Infuse will show the lists in the ‘Playlists’ section of the Library. In Direct Mode, these would appear under the ‘Playlists’ item while browsing the Emby share.

If you don’t see a Playlists item alongside your Emby libraries you may check to ensure the ‘Playlists’ item is set to appear on the Emby home screen. The option for this can be found on the Emby > Settings > Home Screen page.

Hi @james , it seems that Emby for Apple TV doesn’t yet support the showing of playlists and I assume that’s why I cannot see them in Infuse either.

On my other question, can I show newly added content from the Other category (e.g. my own home movies)?

Infuse can access existing playlists from Emby. To ensure Infuse has access you will want to set the Playlists item to appear on the Emby Home Screen (this is found in Emby > Settings > Home Screen).

Once this is done you will see a Playlists item alongside your Emby libraries.

Yes I’ve definitely done this already but playlists just don’t show on my Apple TV in Infuse even though I’ve told Infuse to show playlists.

If you are using Direct Mode, Playlists will not show in the Library > Playlists area.

These will be visible if you navigate to the Emby share from the home screen and select the Playlists icon.

I was using Library mode but the playlist I created did not show in Infuse. I turned off Library mode and my playlist still isn’t showing. But with Library mode off, I can’t search for content by genre, year, or any other category. I’ll have to turn Library mode back on but it will take a couple hours to rescan my library.

I’ve come from Plex and I’m expecting everything to be the same which isn’t correct. There are so many features I am missing but trying my best to learn what I can. Again, thanks for your ongoing help.

With Library Mode on, your Plex playlists will be available in the Infuse > Library > Playlists section.

You can also create and manage playlists in Infuse, and those will sync back to your Plex server.

I’ve got Infuse playing from Emby servers, not Plex servers. I used to use Plex but had to move to Emby & Infuse.