Emby migration for Apple TV 4k

Hello all

I am looking for a bit of advice please.

I have 2 Apple TV’s (1 gen 4 and 1 gen 5 4K) as well as a couple of iPads for the kids.

Currently I have Emby running on a qnap nas and the Emby apps on the local hardware.

We have just upgraded the tv in the living room to 4K and well I think you all know where this is going. No 4K mkv support on Apple TV Emby

So I am looking at infuse

My questions are

  • Are you best to use plex or Emby as the server for infuse?

  • If you do use either of the above do you need a premium subscription to use remote access with infuse ?(I.e if we are travelling and out of the local lan)

  • Does your users port from plex / Emby. I.e if you have folder restrictions in the server does this reflect on infuse ?

  • Lastly I downloaded infuse on my 4K tv last night and paired it with my current Emby server. I have 4 different folders displayed currently in Emby

Kids tv
Kids movie
Tv shows

But when infuse imported these it just added all tv (kids and adult) into one folder. Is there a way to split this off. Or is the best way to control this to have different users in infuse.

Sorry for all the questions. Just trying to look at the options now I have 4K hardware :slight_smile:


Support for multiple users is something we hope to add in the future, but it’s not available at the present time.

Infuse will work to aggregate videos from multiple sources into a single place in the library, but there are a few options you can use if you prefer to keep things separate.

  1. Add Favorites for different Emby libraries. Doing this will allow you to have one-click access to specific libraries on the Infuse Home Screen.
  2. Add Favorites for library categories. This will allow you to have one-click access to various categories (EG Animation genre, rated PG movies, movies released in particular decade, etc…)
  3. Create Playlists in Emby, and add these as favorites in Infuse. Similar to #1, but a little different.

Thanks James.

I have been playing with this over the last 48 hours and while infuse has a few advantages its also not the all in one solution that I have with Emby.

The only drawback with emby on the ATV 4K is that it can’t play 4k HVEC formats.

I will just leave playing 4k files on ATV and use Disney Plus or Netflix when I want the 4K content.