Emby doesn'y populate the library/home screen .

Hi, I am a new user so no doubt I am making all the newbie errors, I see in “add files” we can connect to plex , but emby is only available via “share” , I have linked infuse to emby and I can play all content from thr folder section , but libraries are showing as empty . So can i only use emby as a sort of back up feature ( ie from the folders section ) , I also have a plex pass but its coming up for renewal and I was going to switch to emby , I wanted to use one of the two to help infuse with metadata , to populate libraries will I have to use plex until emby is integrated with full support ?

Infuse doesn’t currently support emby but you can add your support for that feature to be added here in the Suggestions sub forum Native Emby support .

Also, you may want to give Infuse a chance at handling metadata before you add an additional layer to your viewing. I’ve had excellent luck with Infuse as a stand alone including the metadata fetching.