Playlist/Favorite in combination with Emby server

Hello everybody,

is it possible to add movies from an emby library to infuse playlist???
I don’t have any option to do this – img attachemend. With NAS files, playlists working fine.

What I am currently doing is searching for a movie, play it for few seconds than it showing in “current playback” section.
Is there another possible way to manage the emby content?

Thank you!

Emby/Jellyfin playlists aren’t supported just yet, but both will be available in an upcoming version.

That’s great !!

Thank you James !

Hey James!

Any news about this. I’m currently beta testing and it seems I cannot add a Emby TVShow to a infuse playlist nor create a new playlist on Emby.
Is this already supported, but somehow it doesn’t work? or is it still WIP?


Support for Emby/Jellyfin playlists was added last October in 6.5.2.

Do you have Emby playlists which aren’t appearing in Infuse?

Does creating a new playlist in Infuse and adding an item from Emby appear in the Emby web UI?

Hey James! Sorry for the late reply.

I do have Emby Playlists that are not shown on Infuse, and also if I create a new one from Infuse, it’s never shown on Infuse but it does create it on Emby, and adds an item correctly to it.

The playlists are not even shown to the extent that if I go to an item and want to add it to a playlist I will always get the “create playlist” but the existing ones will never been shown

Basically in my testing playlists don’t work at all.

How can I help to test out? Also I’m experiencing this with the latest beta 7.0.5 (7.0.3680) so if you want me we can continue with this on that thread.
Let me know how/what can I test better to help out.


Are you using multiple users on your Emby server?

Does the logged in user in Infuse match the user you’re logged in with in Emby?

Yes multiple users, and yes, both users on Infuse and Emby are the same

Hi again James!

I’ve find out a workaround (Still some polish needed) But I can add an Emby playlist to favorite and show it on the main screen although instead in the playlists section on the favorites section, which is OK.

So I can add an Item to a playlist (this is definitely not working ok since you always have to create a new playlist you cannot select an existing playlist) and then access directly as a favorite item. The only thing that still is not good from an UX perspective is that under playlists, grouping doesn’t exist, it’s fine for movies or single episodes, but if I add a complete TVShow to a playlist, every single episode will be shown instead of grouping the TVShow as a single item as any other different folder, the only one with this behavior is playlists.

If there’s anything I can do to clarify, help, investigate, etc, please let me know, would be glad to help to improve this.