Emby Share questions

Hi There,

I’ve been using and enjoying Infuse, I’ve recently connected an Emby share and I have some questions…

  1. Is there anyway to see the shows I’ve favourited in Emby to show on the interface in Infuse, I can’t seem to locate it on the interface

  2. When I add an Emby TV Show or Series into a playlist either in Infuse or Emby, then on the Infuse interface, If I open that playlist, I just see a list of every episode available. So if I build a playlist with multiple shows and series, then this is quite hard to navigate. Is there anyway, when I open the play list, to have it separated by show and then when I click on a show I see the seasons and then episodes under that?


Welcome to the forum!

  1. Unfortunately, this is not supported at this time.
  2. Currently, Infuse will display individual videos in playlists and not group things by series/season. If you’re looking to group certain series together for browsing and not really play them as a playlist, it may be easier to create a folder/library in Emby and simply add that as a Favorite in Infuse.